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Our Vision

Our vision is focused on children and adults learning and achieving new skills, that improve physical and mental health while working through a measured fitness and skills boxing programme. We offer this through the Boxing Award system for children aged five to sixteen and by the Fitness 5 Challenge for sixteen to adult. Our focus is on skills based boxing and not competitive boxing.

Safeguarding: Is without question our number one priority, it umbrellas, child protection, vulnerable adult welfare and activity health and safety. All our Instructors have appropriate safeguarding training that is regularly reviewed and updated. In addition, they are First Aiders and have been through Criminal Background Checks.

We work with many national safeguarding organisations to offer the very best in protection and welfare. If you have any concerns, we encourage you to get in touch in three ways, call our Safeguarding Team anytime on 07488 336076 or contact your local statutory services and if you believe a child is in immediate danger call 999.