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Fitness 5 Challenge

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Ready for a challenge?

Boxing has always been the go-to sport for fitness, punching pads blasting away the stresses while the exercise improves well-being and strengthens physical and mental health. Not only will you become fitter and healthier you will learn the skills of a boxer through our Skills n Drills partner pad-work.

The Fitness 5 Challenge is exactly that a personal challenge, set around an old school tried and tested boxers workout in the golden age of 1940s and 50s boxing brought right up to date with 21st Century knowledge and needs by the Boxing School of Great Britain, Boxing Development Team, It has been designed for anyone new to fitness through boxing or a world champion boxer, it works for everyone.

The challenge is delivered in we two stages over a forty-eight-week training programme. Level one, two and three are over eight-week blocks leaving levels four and five splits over the final twenty-four weeks, that’s forty-eight hours of committed gym time a year.

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Fitness 5 Pricing

No one likes to be asked for additional costs half-way through a course that was not fully explained when joining. These often come about by gradings, new equipment, insurance, club identity clothing etc.

At the Boxing School of Great Britain Ltd, all Challenges costs are broken down, offering clarity of costs and what you get, which helps when building your Challenges into personal or family budgets.

Each Challenge is ordered and paid for upfront, plus you will be notified when your next Challenge is due. If you are in a position to do so you may like to take advantage of a discounted cost of five per cent when ordering all five Challenges together.

Level One

The place where we all begin The Fitness 5 Challenge. No matter where your fitness levels and abilities are this is a great introduction and once completed you deserve to pat yourself on the back. Supported by your Boxing Instructor and your class pals you will soon find yourself moving to your second challenge. You will learn to do some basic yet effective exercises a boxer knows all too well, press-ups, sit-ups and the dreaded bur-pee press-up with a jump. Level 1 will show you how to do each exercise correctly while taking in your personal ability.

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Level Two

You are now wearing your Level 1 T-shirt with pride, you have mastered each exercise and executing them at a pace just above your comfort zone and better then on your first session, while encouraging new starters just as you once were. Level 2 increases the reps in twos, while rest time decreases, as you work through the arm challenging press-up system of eight different styles of press-ups or the “boxer’s heartache” of four exercise reps timed at pace and in sequence.

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Level Three

The main objective of Level 3 is to start maintaining your new fitness level, both physically and mentally to create a natural habit of being fit and have an improved outlook on your eating habits. Remember, you must have a routine at home to complement your weekly class, do this with correct food intake for your body and lifestyle and you will already be focusing on Level 4. Level 3 will decrease your rest time once again will increase your reps. Handy tip: stop weighing yourself to see if you have lost a pound, but feel if your jeans fit better or you can walk up that flight of stairs at work or home, without stopping for breath.

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Level Four

You are now reaching a level of fitness that a competition boxer would be at “pre-fight mode” as you add to your exercise routine. Your food taste-buds have changed, and you now have a healthy food intake but still having a few treats. Challenge 5 is now in your sites, as you decrease your rest period and increase your reps, your Boxing Coach will have put in place some personal challenges for you to add into your “whole fitness regime”. But remember everything is still done at a pace above your comfort zone.

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Level Five

You have that “I’ve Completed the Fitness 5 Challenge” T-Shirt in your sights to wear with pride. This level is no doubt as tough as Level 1, yes you are fitter, but the challenge pace and reps have increased while the rests have got shorter and the “boxer’s heartache” of four reps is now done at a level where you can now say I’m “fighting fit”

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  • Its not about having time, its about making time

Questions and Answers

Yes, we encourage families working out together, although our age guide is 16, if your child would like to join with you we would recommend from age 12, however please discuss with your Boxing Instructor as some schools as there may be a reason they could not accommodate anyone under the age of 16yrs old.

Level 1 = 8 weeks
Level 2 = 8 weeks
Level 3 = 8 weeks
Level 4 = 12 weeks
Level 5 = 12 weeks

Making a total of forty-eight weeks committed workout challenges

Introduction, explanation and warm-up
Boxing correct techniques Partner pad-work “skills n Drills"
Build progress and maintain fitness by each level
School Boxing Instructor weekly workout
Review, cool-down and questions

We are all shapes, sizes and with different abilities. To do a press-up you can do it the traditional way straight backed on all fours, on the knees or against the wall. If you struggles with an exercise from a safety point of view, your Boxing Instructor will offer guidance , replacing it with one you are more comfortable with.

All our Boxing Instructors offer private training, please discuss your needs with them

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