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As a parent there are many things you want for your children, to be healthy, happy, and see them achieve their goals. We at Boxing Schools of GB would like to add one more to that list and that is “to be able to walk a bit taller in life." Boxing does just that, the ripple effect offers confidence without arrogance that naturally keeps the bullies away without a punch ever been thrown, this makes it the very best form of self-defence.

Introducing someone into the world of boxing has to be done at a pace they are comfortable in a way they can progress without the pressures of stepping into the ring or toe to toe sparring. At the Boxing School of Great Britain, we do this in two key stages over a forty-eight-week training programme.

Structured Learning

Stage one: Preliminary, Standard and Bronze Awards, guide pupils through the fantastic Boxing Awards developed by international boxing coach Q Shillingworth MBE. The three non-competition awards of Preliminary, Standard and Bronze learnt over the first twenty-four-weeks in eight-week blocks, graded through structured learning.
Find out more about the Boxing Awards here:

Stage two: Silver and Gold, we partnered with the best boxing coaches and educators in Britain for the Silver and Gold Awards exploring the reasons and mechanics behind each action, adding greater combination punches and slick footwork drills. These two awards are learned over the remaining twenty-four-weeks.

Preliminary Award

The Preliminary Award is your first step to learning the art of Boxing. You will be taught your stance, guard, footwork, straight punches to the head and body and how to defend yourself. Using the push away, lay back, block, outside parry, elbow block, slip, duck, pivot, step across and step back.

Standard Award

The Standard Award will teach you to throw straight punches as a combination and also whilst on the move, forward, back, left and right. You will also learn warm up routines which you will have to do yourself and skipping which is a great way of keeping fit. You will also be asked 5 questions on the rules and your general knowledge of Boxing Healthy Lifestyle and the Human Anatomy

Bronze Award

Continue to build your child’s development, skills and knowledge keeping the first two awards as the base throughout. From this base, additional punches, footwork and defending techniques are introduced as your child becomes confident in their newly learned abilities. They will understand a boxer’s safe, attack and defend zones being able to implement these in partner work. On completion of the Bronze Award, they are on their way to becoming skilled in the art of boxing.

Silver Award

The first three awards, Preliminary, Standard and Bronze are the foundation your child needs to develop into a skills-based boxer. They will have a solid knowledge of the basics, will be more confident and fitter, ready to take on the challenge of the twelve-week Silver Award. The Silver Award uses the boxers foundation, offers explanations by discussion and demonstration of the mechanics that set up counter-punching, understanding and techniques. Footwork is further developed and become more fluid and relaxed, combinations are increased, through speed and power. This is the Award that encourages personal flair while confidence continues to grow.

Gold Award

Progression and commitment have been the running theme throughout the Boxing Awards, and it does not stop here. Skills and knowledge continue to grow while introducing, tactics that will work against, taller and shorter boxers, defend and counter against the different styles of boxing and of course continue to understand the differences between a Southpaw and Orthodox boxer. The Gold Award will look at nutrition and the emotional side of boxing, how you deal with wins and losses in the ring and in life. As we look back over the completed awards, the Gold Boxer is encouraged and shown coaching skills to help others that may become the start of a career as a Personal Trainer in the sport, leisure and fitness industry.

Open Class

We know without a doubt that having gone through the Boxing Awards programme our Open Class boxers will have the skills and attributes to be introduced and coached into competition sport boxing to reach a high level within any of the Governing Bodies running Olympic style boxing. However, the main focus of the Boxing Awards will always be non-competition boxing and we welcome and encourage you to keep learning and keep enjoying boxing in your schools Open Class.

Once completed and from the age of sixteen you are eligible to take our Level 1: Boxing Instructor Course, the course is CPD accredited and a great addition to your CV and skills portfolio for education, voluntary work or employment.

Award Pricing

Price Breakdown

No one likes to be asked for additional costs half-way through a course that were not fully explained when joining. These often come about by gradings, new equipment, insurance, club identity clothing etc.

At the Boxing School of Great Britain Ltd, all Boxing Award costs are broken down, offering clarity of what each Boxing Awards costs and what you get, which will help when building your child’s activity into family budgets.

Each Boxing Award is ordered and paid for upfront, plus you will be notified when your next Boxing Award is due. If you are in a position to do so you may like to take advantage of a discounted cost of five per cent when ordering all five Boxing Awards together.

Although we encourage continuation when your child passes each Boxing Award, however, we understand sometimes finances may need a breather before taking the next Boxing Award. Just keep your Boxing School updated when a break is required.







Questions and Answers

Here you will found our most frequently asked questions, if you find any questions not answered, please write to us below.

Class ages are based on the education system, of Primary, Secondary & Higher Education:

Primary 1: Aged 5yrs - 7yrs
Primary 2: Aged 8yrs - 11yrs
Secondary 1: Aged 12yrs - 14yrs
Secondary 2: Aged 15yrs - 17yrs

Please note, it may be necessary for the Primary classes to span ages 5yrs - 11yrs
and also the Secondary and Higher Education may also be combined.

There are 6 classes. The first 3 awards deliver the fantastic Boxing Awards founded and developed by Mr Q Shillingworth:

Preliminary, Standard, Bronze

The last 3 have been developed by our very own Boxing Development Team with many years of top-class boxing in coaching and judging:

Silver, Gold, Open

No, each block has a one-off payment schedule you can carry on to the next award or not, you can pick the next award if anytime in case you need a little time out. The commitment to complete all the awards and for personal achievements comes from you.

Sadly no, however, please talk to us if you are unhappy with anything and we will do our very best to rectify the problem.

Yes, any child on the autism spectrum may take part in the first Preliminary class of an eight-week block. If they are comfortable with their surroundings and Boxing Instructure they can then sign up for the awards.

All staff are registered for enhanced criminal background checks under the Disclosure and Barring Scheme *DBS, in England and Wales and the Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme *PVG, in Scotland. Staff hold appropriate child protection training. The training is CPD accredited and reviewed on a regular basis

Yes, all have taken and passed training to qualify to deliver all boxing and related activities within their schools, training is kept up to date and reviewed on a regular basis. All Boxing Instructors and Teachers come from a fitness and sports background and have multiply training, awards or qualifications in a vast array of complementary related topics

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