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Become an Instructor

The Boxing School of GB Ltd Boxing Instructors Training Programme bridges the gap between the boxing fitness industry and traditional amateur boxing. The course was developed by boxing coaches with combined experience of over 110 years, to grassroots clubs to international level, both amateur and professional.

The Boxing Teachers Level One course qualifies you up to tag-spar, making it perfect for the fitness, leisure, martial arts and education industries and of course to enable you to deliver The Boxing School of GB Ltd classes. It is a great way for Charity Boxers and Coaches to understand the fundamental and mechanical of skills based boxing, arguably what Charity Boxing is all about. To compliment your training you are required to take the Boxing Tutor Course.

Opening your Boxing School

Once training has been achieved you can start to develop your own school, with full guidance and support from your Boxing School Liaison Team Member. You will set your own timetable to suite your lifestyle, reach your goals and reach your financial aims. Schools can be run one evening to seven days a week. School intakes and age of students are determined by you. Running your own school will increase your clientele, class based or private tuition. Once completed your first five block awards and levels you can start to run your own Open Class Boxer classes.

Join the team

We are always looking forward to speaking to people to join our team of Boxing Instructors to developed their own school, if you are a motivated sport or fitness trainer with ambition and integrity, we'd love to hear from you. Ideally, you will have a personal training, sports coaching or activity teaching background with experience working with clients or if you are new to the industry we can support you all the way.

Questions and Answers

Here you will found our most frequently asked questions, if you find any questions not answered, please write to us below.

Absolutely not, you will already have many of the professional attributes, training and qualifications required to work in the sport, fitness and leisure industry

Think of it like this a blank canvas is a great way to develop skills while not bringing bad habits to the table or boxing knowledge you have gain by watching the Rocky films.

Prior to running your own Boxing School, you are required to have the following in place.

- The Boxing School of GB Ltd CPD accredited Level 1: Boxing Instructor Course
- Boxing Tutor course qualification with Q Shillingworth MBE at The Boxing Awards (you only need this if your school is teaching the awards programme)
- Have a Criminal Background check with our provider uCheck
- Taken the CPD accredited “Protecting Children in Sport” we will accept other accredited children protection certification
- Hold a valid and suitable First Aid qualification
- Be registered as self-employed with HMRC
- Have a bank account in your name or business name
- Have insurance with our partner provider Insure4spor
- Have an appropriate venue in place
- Purchase a pair of The Boxing School of GB Boxing Gloves, pads and clothing
- Read and understood all relevant policies
- Signed the pre-delivery checklist
- Agreed and signed the Boxing School of GB Ltd agreement.

It may sound a lot, but the majority is done over three days of training, once done you can open your own Boxing School and have a pathway into the world of boxing.


- Boxing Tutor one day course - £100.00
- Level 1: Boxing Instructor CPD accredited course - £275.00
- CPD Accredited Safeguarding Training - £35.00


- Criminal Background Check - £55.00
- Boxing Insurance with Insure4Sport - £76.00

Support Materials

- Boxing Award Instructor Booklets - £30.00
- Boxing School of GB Boxing Gloves - £35.00
- Boxing School of GB Boxing Pads - £35.00
- Boxing School of GB Hoodie - £40.00

You are required to hold an in-date First Aid qualification

Yes, from a striking point, as you may want to teach MMA fighters the art of boxing etc

There is an agreement in place between The Boxing School of GB Ltd and the Boxing Instructor

No, all classes are charged at the same rate throughout the UK. The only exception are the “open class” for students / pupils who have progressed to that stage, the charge rate is then up to you.

As a CPD accredited supplier we design and develop training courses with boxingat the centre we encourage you to increase your CPD portfolio through these courses. When you are ready you may like to join our development team or take workshops and seminars. etc.

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If you have any questions which are not answered in any FAQs, then please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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